Our step-by-step procedure for your timber is straight-forward and hassle-free.

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Once we receive a call from a landowner who’s interested in selling his timber, we go out and find out what his overall goal is for his land. Then we can give professional advice on the method of harvest that should be done to make his goal a reality. There are about 4 different harvest methods, and it matters which one will work best for you.

1. We’ll then mark the trees.

Once it’s decided which trees will be taken, we mark them with a stripe of paint and a stump shot (a dot of paint on the tree very close to the ground so once the tree is taken the crew can see that the tree was marked initially and paid for). Some buyers won’t do that as they can then cut trees they didn't pay for. But that’s not how we operate.

2. We’ll then give you a guaranteed price.

After the specific trees to be taken are marked, we pay you for those trees. You’ll be paid IN FULL before we start harvesting any trees.

3. Then we move in with the equipment needed for that job.

We have professionals that cut the trees off at the stump and direct them to fall where they need to go to minimize any damage to other young and healthy trees that will remain for the next cutting. Once the trees are on the ground, the machine will hook them and drag them out to where our truck can pick them up.

Once all the specified trees are cut down and taken out, we’ll grade all the main trails where the trees were pulled out so that there are no excessive holes or rutting in the trails. We’ll put water bars in steep terrain trails so the trails won’t wash out. The landing where the trees are piled so that the trucks can get to them is also re-graded and seeded with grass if necessary.

Throughout the process, we work closely with our customer to ensure that when the job is complete, we leave a happy customer who we can then return to in later years. When we do return, we’ll put more money in your pocket because the first job was done right, and it allowed for the young trees left to grow into mature, valuable trees.


We’re unique because we own our own equipment.

Very few timber buyers actually own the equipment they use. JT Forestry Commerce is our company from start to finish and that means from buying to harvesting to trucking, we make it a stress-free, hassle-free environment ensuring that the agreements made with our customers are kept.

We have the equipment and resources to do the job right. If we don’t, we’ll tell you.

Most often we’re asked, “How will my woods look after you’re done?”

It depends on the type of harvest you desire and that suits your land. We have a couple different methods:

  • Selective harvest

Removes low-quality and poorly formed trees, mature trees and may also include higher value trees being taken so that it then produces higher value and healthier trees after the harvest.

  • Thinning

Required to obtain better tree spacing. The amount of thinning needed depends on the size and distribution of trees. Proper thinning allows the remaining trees to grow faster and create better quality for later harvests.

  • Clear-cutting

Removes all trees, letting full sunlight onto the ground and letting “Mother Nature” do the work, enabling all your trees to grow and prosper. We can also leave some mature trees for seed, encouraging that species of tree to reseed the area.

  • Timber land improvement

Removes less desirable and low-value trees as well as deformed, diseased or defective trees, to leave more of the nutrients and moisture for the high-quality young trees.

  • We are a fully insured company.

“They do a wonderful job! I would highly recommend them. Thanks, guys!”
— Dan W.