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If you have over 4 acres of land with timber on it, we’d like to talk with you. We will buy your timber, harvest it and remove it so you can clear out old trees and make some money in the process!

  • Turn a large profit from your timber
  • Make room for new growth
  • Trust in a reliable & honest company
  • Forget about a mess—we’ve got a tried & true clean-up plan
  • Get an appraisal that’s guaranteed to the dollar

A lot of timber harvesting is done with profit being the ONLY focus and care of the buyer and crew.  We want our jobs to show that we care about the customer and the land.

We’re an environmentally friendly business. Timber harvest done right by professionals helps the environment, we create jobs, provide wood for furniture makers, housing, and also create income for landowners—while properly managing their timber. We take the trees that are old or defective and create opportunity for the young growth, therefore keeping the forests young and ever growing.

Safety is our Priority!

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— Dan W.