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You won’t see any pictures of our crew here, but that’s because they’re predominately Amish and the Amish aren’t allowed to have their pictures taken. That’s one thing they’re known for.

Another is their amazing work ethic and dedication to a craftsman-like approach to any job they do.

We’ve been in the timber business for 5 years and are growing fast.

We began harvesting timber for sawmills and are now buying timber from landowners like you. We own and provide our own top-notch equipment and are fully staffed without subcontracted labor. We purchase timber at full value and we pay in full upfront!

You won’t discover later you could have sold for more.

You may be aware that a lot of people sell their timber to dishonest timber buyers and later find out that they didn't even get 50% of the value that their timber actually was worth. A lot of companies that buy timber hire out (sub contract) their work to independent timber harvesting crews. This is a situation that’s perfect for unfixable mistakes. Although the buyer may seem credible, the harvesting crew may not be and can cause years of permanent damage to the remaining standing timber and the land it’s on.

We care about the customer, the land, the environment and our reputation as a trusted agent.

That’s our bottom-line. Profit is a focus, sure, we’re a business after all, but it’s certainly not our only focus. We actually care about how a job is done and how our customers are treated.

We’ll come out and do a FREE on-site evaluation and give you a no-obligation appraisal. You’ll get a price you love and be able to rely on our exceptional services to get your land cleared.

“They do a wonderful job! I would highly recommend them. Thanks, guys!”
— Dan W.